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Sophia's newspaper

Sophia's magazine was born on September 3, 2020, immersed in the tremendous COVID-19 pandemic. Its cradle is a tumultuous time, which locks us up at home and paralyzes the economy and society as a whole. A time never before imagined invites us to re-think, re-imagine, and re-create "another possible world."

From confinement and vulnerability, La Gaceta de Sophia was born, whose objectives are:

a) sisterhood of the different groups, collectives, associations, and communities of women, inside and outside religious spaces;

b) promote a site of current thematic affairs, of "good news" and dissemination and promotion of news, activities, books, forums, webinars, courses, workshops, articles, actions, manifestos, diplomas in the field of feminist theology;

c) propose a meeting and dialogue through each Gazette published monthly.

From the #stayhome, we invite you to de-colonize thought and take "other" paths to transform our environments universally.


You are welcome


Here you can find all our monthly publications.


Giving birth

September 3, 2020

Obra de Natalia Goncharova.png

ritualize life

December 15, 2020

State of the Question: #8M one year after the pandemic

March 15, 2021


Queer/Cuir eco-feminisms

June 15, 2021


For Synod 21-23 Preparatory Document Woman, Church?

September 13, 2021


No. 16

Justicia Climática

13 de septiembre de 2021


Women in the Fratelli Tutti Church

October 15, 2020


the holy families

January 15, 2021


Feminist resistance to theologies of the cross

April 15, 2021


Blackness and structural racism in the Americas: an emancipatory perspective

July 15, 2021

Imagen Gaceta 14 .jpeg

No. 14

Mujeres: Fuerza que migra

13 de septiembre de 2021

power (735 × 1102 px).png

No. 16

Justicia Climática

13 de septiembre de 2021


#25November #niunamenos

November 25, 2020

Romantic love

February 15, 2021



May 15, 2021


Women, community architects in Abyla Yala

August 15, 2021


No. 15


13 de septiembre de 2021

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